What Is A Good Nickname For Taylor-no My Name Isn't Taylor?


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Hi I'm Jazz-Leigh Realy Good Friends With Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse and Taylor Lautner :D We All Met And Became Best Friends In A Random Party I Met Dylan By Bumping Into Him And I Met The Others After That. They Were All Descysed I Didnt No It Was Them Untill We All Went Shopping Together Then Crashed At Mine For The Weekend While We We Chilling Takeing Photos And Clips We Got Confused Between Taylor.L And Taylor.S So Me And Selly Made Up Nicknames For Her Hear They Are: TineyTots Twift Swifty TaylorTotos But We Most Liked Twift.
Dyl And Coley Made Taylor.L's Nicknames: T-Mister T-Wolf Tay But We Liked Tay Best But Find Its Much Eaiser To Call Him Taylor! Hope That Helped x
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Guess what! My name is accually taylor and I have a few good nicknames for that!
1. Tay
2. Taytortot
3. Tay-tay
4. Heytay(if saying hi)
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