What Is The Origin Of The Surname Jamieson?


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Jamieson has a similar origin to many other surnames ending in -son (like Robinson, Johnson etc.) It began as a sort of nickname, a means of identifying a man by his father's name. Before surnames began to be used in Britain in the Middle Ages, people were mostly known by their first names or, if you had several people of the same name, by extra information such as "He is James's son." From this, surnames based on father's names gradually evolved.

So Jamieson and Jameson both mean "son of James" (or Jamie, a typical pet form.) James itself is derived from the old Biblical name Yaakov (usually Jacob in modern English.) Yaakov comes from the Hebrew name for "heel" and is usually taken to mean "supplanter" after the Biblical story of Jacob who suplanted his brother Esau.

You can find moe information on the names "James" and "Jacob" if you type one of these names into the Blurtit Search window.

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