What Does The Name Fanny Mean?


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Fanny means big and ruleless you always are "all it !" and think you are the best my names Erianna-summer maddygan I love my name so much !
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The name Fanny is conferred upon a girl and has its origin in Latin. Though the name is taken form a name in Latin, its meaning is taken from a word in French language. Fanny is a nickname for Frances. Fannie is a variant of Fanny. There are many great personalities by the name Fanny or Fannie. Author Fannie Farmer and Fannie Flagg and actress Fanny Ardant are some of the personalities. Fan, Fanceen, Fanney, Fanni, Fania, Fannee, Fantine and Fawnya are some of the other variants.

Fanny is also one of the slang names. It is a polite word used to indicate buttocks. In United Kingdom, it could also mean vagina. A girl named could be harassed considering this meaning. Fanny is also used as a last name. It has two origins- English and Irish. The first family using this last name was found in Devonshire in England.

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