What Is The Origin Of The Surname Hedrick?


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The main Origin for Hedrick is Germany, Russia and Hungary, known collectively in history as Prussia as it is a derivative of "Heindrick", the Prussian version of Henry.

Hedrick in it's literal translation means "Haim" meaning home and "ric" meaning rich, so was often given to a ruler and is known as the name of Kings.  Hailing from the medieval era, Hedrick is just one variation of this name, other variations are:

  • Heinricke
  • Heinritz
  • Hennereich
  • Heimrich

Early origins of Hedrick

The earliest record of anyone with a derivative of the name Hedrick is a Heindrich Hamsel in 1368! The earliest record of anyone outside of Prussia having a version of this name was in America, and not until 1709, his name was Johan Heinrich.

In The United states today the surname is very popular, ranking 3477 out of 88799 most popular surnames.

The name Hendrick has now become a trendy and popular first name too!

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