What Does 'Buon Giorno' Mean In English?


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Buon Giornio can mean good morning or good day in English, however the actual interpretation depends on the context i.e. The time of day. Good afternoon and good night are buon pomeriggio and buonasera respectively. A good way to translate phrases or passages is with some free online translators such as Google Translate and babelfish, which are usually accurate, however basic knowledge of the language is helpful to correct any grammatical errors. For more complex translation there are software that can translate passages in numerous languages more accurately than the free online translators. The best example of this is the Babylon 9translator which can translate to and from 33 different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and many others. It can also translate emails, instant messages and most document types such as Word and PDF files. This does however come with a hefty price tag of $115, making it more useful for people who require accurate translations on a regular basis. The most accurate method of translation can be achieved by hiring a bilingual person or a group of bilingual people, however this is the most expensive of the lot and is usually only used when a longer document need to be written or translated for an important occasion. In conclusion if you're looking for a quick and easy translation then there are online translators that will do the job, however if it is important that the translation is spot on then it is better to use a bilingual person to translate. If however you need to translate accurately on a regular basis then it might be worthwhile to invest in professional translating software.
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Buon Giorno is a greeting. It literally means "good day." A lot of people prefer to say "ciao" instead.

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