What Does My Name Grace Mean?


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Elegance, and kindness and a blessing from God. Hope that helps
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The girl's name Grace is of Latin origin, and it means "favour; blessing". It is a name that alludes to the grace of God but also has roots in Greek mythology. The three Graces were goddesses of nature: Aglaia (brillance), Thalia (flowers), and Euphrosyne (joy).

Grace is a relatively unusual name, but there are a few notable celebrities with the name, such as Grace Jones, Grace Kelly (later Princess Grace of Monaco) and Gracie Fields.
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The name Grace is a word that is used to depict Man's relationship with God (God's grace) in the form of blessings and favors as also the physical aspect of beauty seen in one's manner and bearing. The Latin word gratia means favor and as such the name may be considered to be of Latin origin. The variants of the name are Gracey, Gracy, Gracia and Gratia.

The Greek myth of the three Graces, Aglaia (brilliance), Thalia (flowering) and Euphrosyne (joy) who all were the Goddesses of nature and represented the different aspects of beauty is another ancient reference involving the name. The most famous bearer of this name in modern times was the actress Grace Kelly (1929-1982) who later became Princess Grace of the principality of Monaco.
God bless you and praise the lord,
the name grace simply to me means that the lord has given you mercy and another chance.the bible says my grace I give unto you and my peace I leave with you. This was Jesus talking to his disciples and also talking to the Christians. I pray and hope that I answered your question.
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The first name origin of Grace is Latin and it means graceful or blessing.

The last name origin of Grace is English. The meaning of the name is 'charm', 'pleasantness'.

For more information on Grace, visit the link below.
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It means "grace" as in, to be graceful and humble and swift. The word grace is derived from the Latin gratia. 
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Grace means the love,favor and blessings from god
god's grace love god so hes grace may sine upon you and your family and people all around you will see it god bless
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I don't know but if you go on american and type in your name thn
you can see what it means even tho it for babies nmes before birth...or it could also mean elegant
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The name grace means that you are a great person and will be famous it means your full of joy and happiness

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