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The word dignified refers to something having, possessing or expressing dignity. It can be defined as honourable and its synonyms include self-respecting and self-respectful. The dignity that is such possessed is especially relevant to formality and/or stateliness in appearance and bearing. It is the innate quality of being respected and honoured.

The noun form of the adjective "dignified" is dignity. Dignity is from the Middle English word "dignite" taken from the Old French which in turn took it from the Latin word "dignitas" meaning worthy. Dignity now can mean a number of things including good report, good name, prestige, honour, repute, reputation, status and respect.

Dignity is sometimes referred to as the highest human value. The concept of dignity is supposed to be closely related to the concepts of freedom, truth, goodness and value.
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Well dressed and respectful
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If someone is dignified, it means that they are characterised by good manners and decorum.
For example, in the phrase dignified conduct.
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The word 'dignity' is used as a noun and you can use the word for the manner of a person that is calm and serious and deserves respect. You can also use the word for the sense of your own value or importance. This word is also part of an idiom 'beneath your dignity' and it conveys the idea of your own importance or worth that you see below your stature.
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You have respect of yourself
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The noun dignity, when applied to someone's manner, bearing, way of moving etc, means serious, calm, composed and/ or elegant. "He showed such dignity that nobody dared to insult him." The adjective is often used: "He behaved in a dignified manner." A good contemporary example of dignity might be Shilpa Shetty's manner of dealing with attacks in the recent UK Big Brother episode.

It can also refer to your sense of self-worth, eg you can refuse to do something because it's "beneath your dignity." In this sense the verb is often used, eg "I wouldn't even dignify that remark with a response."

Dignity coms from the Latin dignitas, "worthiness." A dignitary is a person of local or national importance, something like a VIP.
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I think it mean respect when you have respect for someone that a dignity that is I think for myself is dignity
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  The word 'dignity' has several meanings dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect. It may also mean a composed or serious manner or style. There are several phrases associated which make use of the word 'dignity' like, a woman of great dignity; her coarse joke offended his dignity; we should respect the dignity of labour. The phrase 'to stand on one's dignity insist on being treated with due respect. Labour Day is celebrated to give a mark of respect to the labourers and to understand the dignity of labour.

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