How Do We Define Change Management?


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Change management is the process of implementing and administering changes with the assistance of tested methods and techniques so that the new mistakes can be avoided and impact of changes can be minimized. It comes in many forms and can include more than one environment. It is usually referred in context to the changes made in an organisation. It is a planned approach to bring about changes in the existing environment of an organisation for better results.

Human aspect is the most important factor in change management and thus is related to industrial psychology. It can be reactive or proactive in nature depending on the circumstances. It is applied to a number of processes in an organisation and can be approached from different angles. The activities involved in change management are the introduction of a new set of values, rules and norms, building consensus among the consumers and share holders and the process of planning, testing and implementing the changes effectively.
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Organizations work for the constant growth and business development always. They pass through various ups and downs; these changes mostly are adjusted accordingly if these are not big ones. But in case of major changes due to any reasons organizational development is a normal outcome. Evolutionary changes are permanent in business, which take place at a normal pace, whenever various changes take place out of this normal course of business.

Changes brought into business life by competitors, economy or any other external and internal factors may create a major disturbance or upsets in organization. To nullify the effect of these changes, companies make specific protective and corrective efforts; such efforts are labelled as change management in short.

Other than enforced changes many times organizations also plan to change organization's potential, profitability, image or value. When such changes with the help of a strategy are applied, problems also occur and people show their disapproval or dislike that is called resistance to change. Concept of Change management is expressed by various researchers in different theories.

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