What Does Penetrating Mean?


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The term penetrating is typically used as an adjective to mean 'able or seeming to penetrate'. It could also be used to mean 'keenly perceptive or understanding'. In this sense of the term it may be used as a synonym for acute. In other words it could mean demonstrating or possessing the ability to identify or draw fine distinctions. Synonyms would include the terms incisive, keen, piercing, penetrative, knifelike, discriminating and sharp.
As an inflected form of the verb penetrate it would mean entering or forcing a way into; that is, to pierce. Similarly it may mean entering into and permeating. It could mean causing to be permeated or diffused. It could possibly refer to sexual intercourse. It could mean entering (an industry, for instance), generally surreptitiously, in order to acquire influence or information. In this sense it would mean to infiltrate.
It may refer to the act of entering and gaining a share of (that is, of a market). It could mean understanding; grasping the inner significance of. The term could mean to see through. Penetrating may be used to mean affecting deeply, by infiltrating the consciousness or emotions. It could mean gaining insight.
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Yeah, the word penetrating mean the ability of think or understand deeply. Am Joy from Nigeria.

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