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The name Stephen has its origins in ancient Greece and is derived from the word 'stephanos', which translates as meaning a 'garland' or 'crown'.

Therefore, the name Stephen is often referred to as meaning the 'crowned one'.

The name has biblical connotations, too - St Stephen was famous in the Bible for being the first Christian martyr.

The name and its derivatives is commonly used both as a first name or as a surname. Stephen also has 26 variants of the name in widespread use across the globe in a number of languages.

The 26 variants of the name are: Esteban, Estefan, Estevan, Etienne, Staffan, Steba, Steben, Stefan, Stefano, Steffan, Steffen, Steffon, Stefon, Stephan, Stephano, Stephanos, Stephanus, Stephens, Stephenson, Stephon, Stevan, Steve, Steven, Stevenson, Stevie and Stevy.

In addition, several other names, such as the Hungarian 'Istvan' and the Greek 'Stavros', are directly related to the name.

In modern times, it has become something of a tradition to slightly misspell names of children, as such names such as Stephonn, Stefonn, Stephanas, Stevyn and Stevon have also come into modern usage.

The name Stephen (or one of its derivatives) is very common throughout the world, with many famous people sharing the name including:

  • Stephen Fry (actor & author)
  • Stephen Hawking (theoretical physicist)
  • Stephen Merchant (scriptwriter and stand up comedian)
  • Stephen King (writer)
  • Steven Spielberg (film director)
  • Steven Seagal (actor)
  • Steve McQueen (actor)
  • Steve Buscemi (actor)
  • Stevie Wonder (Musician)
  • Esteban Cambiasso (soccer professional)

The name is also used occasionally in the colloquialism 'even Stevens' or 'even Stephens', which is used when referring to a situation that is said to be equal. For example: "The game was delicately poised at half time with both teams even Stevens."

Other words and phrases are claimed by etymologists to have Stephen as their root word. A type of hat, a Stetson, is believed to be a compound Old English word meaning Stephen's son, while the surname Stepney is believed to mean 'Stephen's island'.
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Stephen is a Greek name, which is also known in other forms such as Steven, Stephan, Steffan and Stefanos. It means "crown".
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