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The meaning of the name ‘Richard’ derives from Old German descent, and actually means ‘powerful leader’. Therefore, if you’re thinking that you’re newborn baby boy is going to be Prime Minister one day, this might be the most appropriate forename you could choose.

If you are interested in etymology, it is interesting to note that both ‘ric’ and ‘hard’ have separate connotations. The first syllable is where the connotations of power come from that we described in our earlier definition. Meanwhile, the second syllable ‘hard’ means strong and resilient, which are both qualities that are essential in a leader.

There have been some quite famous leaders who have appropriately bore this name. Who could forget the infamous Richard Branson, a man who has now become well associated with the Virgin brand that has included Virgin Records, Virgin Trains and the quirky flight company Virgin Atlantic. Although some of his ventures have been known to make losses, Branson has always been known for bouncing back and making his empire stronger than ever. Meanwhile, even though Nixon’s reputation was ruined by the Watergate scandal where he appeared to have tainted his standing as President, he did have some successes as the American leader that have been documented in the History books.

Unfortunately, this name is nowhere near as popular as it has been in recent years. In 2003, according to, Richard was ranked the 86th most popular boy’s name, while being 146th when female names are thrown in. Now, when contrasted with the latest results from 2010 seven years later, there is a stark difference. Although still quite popular, Richard wallows at 127th in male names, and 219th overall, gradually descending lower and lower in the rankings as the year goes on without any peaks.
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The name Richard means powerful ruler or brave one and it's origin is Old German or Old English. Some similar names are Ricardo, Ricard, Rick and Ricky. A famous that has the same name is Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin.
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It means happy cheese item of clothing in the language of the asians
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Richard is a name

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