What Does SRS Mean?


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SRS is the acronym for System Requirements Specification document. An SRS basically defines the requirements of the product after the analysis of the current environment. The intended audiences of a System Requirements Specification document are the developers, project managers, marketing people, user, testers and documentation writers.    SRS document can be divided in different sections: The Introduction sections contains the Purpose of the document which describes why this document is being created and does the specification documents cover the whole system or sub system. Also in the introduction we define the Product scope which states  why the system is being developed, how this system will replace the existing system, will it replace the whole system or any subsystem of current System.    The second section of an SRS can be the Overall Description of the product. This sections the Product Functions, i.e., the main functions which the product will perform like in case of Flight Booking system, one function of the product can be to book users on the flights. Also the User classes and their characteristics like the different roles in the system and the access level of each user role is also defined in the Overall Description section. Next we specify the Operating Environment of the product like whether the product is web based or desktop application or which platform it is dependent on and the tools and technologies used for the development and their version etc.    In the next section of SRS, we define the interfaces of the product with other products (if any), with Hardware and with users. Next we define the System Features of the product in the form of use cases and after that we specify the remaining Non functional requirements or any other requirements which were not  covered.
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  SRS(s/w Requirment specification) can be defined as a Document that is being created mainly by the Project manager along with the development team that contain the Requirment specification of the Project/Product that has to be built/Developed.The requriment specification is Provided by the cilent or the user of the Project.

  3 copies of the SRS is created one for the client,Second for the Development team and Third for the testing Team.

  Testing is done on the basis of SRS that all the requirments of the project specified in it has met or not.
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    software requirements specification

    A software requirements specification (SRS) is a description of a software system to be developed. It lays out functional and non-functional requirements, and may include a set of use cases that describe user interactions that the software must provide.

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