What Is The Word For 'Delicious' In French?


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The French word for “delicious” is délicieux or délicieuse, depending on whether the noun in question is masculine or feminine!

How and When to use Délicieux
You’d use délicieux for masculine nouns:
  • Ce chocolat est délicieux! = This chocolate is delicious!
  • J’ai mange un biscuit délicieux = I ate a delicious biscuit
How and When to use Délicieuse
Délicieuse is for feminine nouns. Words that end in the letter e are feminine, as are most fruit and a lot of vegetables.
  • Cette pomme est délicieuse! = This apple is delicious!
  • J’ai mange une banane délicieuse = I ate a delicious banana
If you’re not sure, you can always ask – most French people will be happy to help you improve your French skills!

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