What Does Neurosis Mean?


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As per medical practitioners, neurosis is a symbolic behaviour in defence against excessive psychobiological pain. Researchers and medical practitioners have find out that it is basically because of parents mistakes that they don't give enough proper time to their infants.

As per researchers, this problem occurs when a person's desire about anything is not fulfilled and he is not in a position to fulfil that need by himself. It's only in the case of childhood when he is a kid and he can't walk or get his desires fulfilled by himself.

Have a look at this example, when a baby feels hungry and needs food or milk to overcome hunger then it is not possible for him or her get up and walk or move in search of food. What he can do is, initially cry and then his crying becomes louder and louder enabling himself to convey the message to some person who may be able to fulfil their hunger. Now, if this thing grows with the child, he will try to fulfil needs immediately and at any cost because he knows that if his desire is not fulfilled, he will feel pain and that thing bring a change in behaviour.
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Neurosis is composed of two Greek words Neuron means nerve and Osis means any abnormal condition. The literal meaning of neurosis is any kind of disorder or mental instability. In medical terminology, neurosis is a disease which causes anxiety, certain kind of strange and sometimes unexplained reactions towards any event, compulsive disorders, fear and phobias, sadness, depression and not but the least some sexual dysfunction too.
Neurosis was first recognized on scientific basis in 1769 when a Scottish doctor William Cullen used the term for the first time, however, it was Carl Jung which developed it on more modern and scientific bases and gave his own theory called Jung's Theory of Neurosis.
According to Jung, Neurosis is caused due to conflict between ego and unconscious when a person faces opposing attitudes. It is believed that each neurosis is unique and there is no universal method to can be applied to cure it.
However, it is believed that positive attitudes cultivated through meditation, silence and positive outlook can help to calm the nerves of person and help the brain to wander in unwanted thoughts which ultimately create disturbances and conflicting ideas and attitudes. With regular practice of meditation mind can be quite to help it concentrate on more deep issues rather than producing conflicting attitudes.

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