How Do You Say 'Hello' In Chinese?


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你好 (Ni Hao) ((Knee How)) is the informal way to say hello, but 您好 ((Nin Hao)) ((Knee-nu How)) is much more polite
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There are many different Chinese languages, but where I lived they said nehow.
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Nee how
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Yes your right. It is Ne Hao people keep on getting it wrong thinking it's con-ichy-wahh but thats a common mistake !
Con-Itchy-Wahh = hello ( Japanese )
Ne How = Hello /How are you ( Mandarin )
Lai How = hello/how are you ( cantonese )
I hate wen boys tease me and say it wrong but it sounds sooo funny :)

from Kate
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Ne hao ma in mandarin and for cantonese, nay ho ma:)
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Haha,I think you both above mean 你好 (ne how). Yea,that's what Chinese are saying it when they meet people.
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Murray Wu
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We now tend to use "嗨"(Hi) / "嘿" (hey) for greetings in casual occasions.while “您好”(nin hao) in formal occasions.

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