Can You Spell I Love You In Russian?


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Mehrdad Gh answered
Well, I Love You in Russian, will be this. Я тебя люблю
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I love you in Russian, we can pronounce it in Russian language like "you lublu tebya."
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Russian is a big language. By moving one word to a diff place the meaning doesnt change but you can highlight the main point.
For example "you tebya lyublyu" is the most common way that is literally translated as " I You Love"

by sayn " tebya you lyublyu" the main accent goes on idea that the person who says it want to show that he or she is inlove with that exactly person. " You I love"

when sayn "Lublyu you tebya" - Love I you. Mostly sayd to put more meaning to the word love. To show that the person really is in LOVE.

How ever those are not the only possibilities. Even the tone how you say it makes a difference.

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