How Do You Say My Name In Chinese?


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The chinese characters for your name have many opinions,I think the best one for you is 香侬.hope you like it.
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As Shannon is a girl's name , I recommend you to use "莎伦" as your chinese name. I should mention that Chinese is an Analytic Language. So just remember, never translate word for word like the translation mentioned: "香侬" ,which sounds wired and silly to native speakers.
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And I'll give the explanation of “莎伦” : It's a gentle noble name for Westerns,and native speakers will understand your gender because the “莎“ is generally a feminine word.
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My keyboard cannot produce the Chinese characters for the name Shannon, but it is spelled Xiangnong. The o has an inflection mark above it so it is probably pronounced Zhinung or something close to that.
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You say it the way you say it in english it is just spelled different there

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