What Does My Name Mean In Chinese?


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Translating from English to Chinese is quite a hard process because  Chinese names are often formed from words to do with characteristics and so a lot of typical names have specific meanings, which isn't the same for all western names.

A website that can be used to show this is Mandarintools, which asks you to provide the desired essence of your name, so that it can suitably pair you with a name that shares the meaning you want.

It's worth reading their FAQ's to learn more about the difficulties of translation and if you are unhappy with the name you get, by refreshing the page and adding your English name again, you will get an alternative that works to try and create the same meaning with a different Chinese name.

Alternatively a website such as Chinese-names gives a more direct translation, allowing for names of various languages. When entering your name it will ask which country your name is associated with and will try to provide a more accurate meaning, so this may be the better site to go for if you want a direct word for word translation as opposed to a translation of ideas.

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