What Does The Word Egregious Mean?


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If someone uses the word egregious, they are obviously very comfortable with big vocabulary which is great, or they are trying to impress or oppress you with their knowledge or big words.

Egregious means blatantly or flagrantly extraordinary in a bad way. For instance, someone might say that:

Arnie Schwartz is an egregious liar.

It suggest the person is negatively special. In a recent blog, I saw someone describe David Mamet as an egregious lefty. For me, this does not make sense because I don't see that as a bad thing, where as this person obviously does. No doubt he was a military man, who was annoyed because the colour of the boots in this episode of The Unit weren't regulation Army for winter warfare in snow after six pm in the evening.

Egregious is a great word, use it well, more examples:

an egregious violation of his rights
an egregious self importance

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