What Does Dialogue Mean?


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A dialogue is a conversation which is carried on between two or more persons on a reciprocal basis. It can also mean a work of literature that has been written in the form of a conversation. A dialogue can also be held to exchange views and ideas between different parties.

The word conversation was taken from the Old French but is Greek in origin. In Greek it means "through speech" for "dia" and "logos". The old Greek word was dialegesthai which meant to discuss.

It can be defined as to talk, chat, discourse, conversation, confabulation etc while its antonyms include monologue and soliloquy.

Two literary works that are cited as being the original pieces of literature where a dialogue
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A conversation between two or more things and is used to advance the plot of a story or to describe main characters.
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It's a noun that means : Conversation between people in a book ,play etc... Or discussion between people who have different opinions. Ex : This movie is all action, with very little dialogue.
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Dialogue is conversation or a piece of written work in conversational form. When writers create characters it is important that every character has a distinctive voice. When writing dialogue it is important that the voice for each character remains consistent and believable. The choice of word used in written dialogue will help readers picture the character and give them clues as to the character's age, class, education, first language, personality and state of mind. Speech is different from written prose. When we talk we often repeat ourselves. We frequently fail to end our sentences and few of us speak in ways which are grammatically correct. We use words such as "thingy" and "Oi". Many of us throw in extra words which are often repeated, particularly if we swear. We stray off the point, forget names and rely on the other person to fill in blanks. A writer has to create authentic voices but also has to keep the reader engaged. This means that it is unwise to write speech just as you hear it in the street. Most of us take longer to say what we mean than you have space for in a short story or screenplay. The magic lies in creating similar patterns of speech to those you hear in real life but editing enough to keep the story moving and hold the reader's attention.
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A speech
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Dialogue has different meanings, one way it can be said as a means of understanding between two parties

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