What Does Blasted Mean?


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Blasted is the name of a play by author Sarah Kane. She was a British playwright and Blasted was her first play. Her plays dealt with themes like redemptive love, desire, pain, torture, cruelty and death. This play was directed by James Macdonald and was released at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in London in the year 1995. it is three act play. As in her other works this play also contains a lot of violence and other extreme emotions.

The play revolves around a female protagonist Cate, who is a very simple minded good woman. This woman is raped by a foul mouthed journalist named Ian in a very expensive hotel room. Then they both get caught in a civil war and Cate escapes from Ian. Later Ian is captured by a soldier who comes into the room who in turn rapes Ian and eats his eyes. At this point Cate returns to Ian and takes care of him not because she has forgotten what he did to her but because she realizes that he needs her help as a human being. Thus though initially Cate seems to be a very helpless, naïve and weak character, she is not so which is revealed at the end of the play.
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Blasted comes from the verb to blast, which means to blow up (with explosives) or, in the case of wind, to blow very hard, causing damage. (A blasted landscape has either been bombed or damaged by severe weather.)

It can also be used as a mild form of swearing, to show annoyance, eg "Where did I leave my blasted glasses?" This usage is old-fashioned now; like other old-fashioned forms of swearing (eg damned) it had a religious origin. "To blast" can also mean to attack with heavenly force, ie the original sentence "God blast you" (I hope God strikes you down.) This usage is still occasionally found in religious writings.

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