How Do I Say 'Help Me' In Italian?


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Aiutami! (pronounced ay-yoo-tateh-mee) is the expression an Italian would cry out when shouting out 'help me!'
Aiutami derives from the word 'help' which would be aiuto and which can also be shouted out to get someone's attention when in peril.

If your cries were directed at a crowd of people, you might want to be grammatically-correct and conjugate into the second person plural aiutatemi! 

The verb 'to help' is aiutare, and aiuto also has the meanings of 'support' or 'aid' as well as 'helper' or 'assistant'.

Emergency Vocabulary
Along with aiuto, there are a number of other words that may be useful for you to know in case of encountering an emergency situation:

Be careful! = stai attento (sty a-tent-oh)

I need a doctor = mi serve un dottore (mee ser-vey oon dot-or-eh)

I feel sick = mi sento male (mee sento mal-eh)

First aid = pronto soccorso (pron-toh sok-or-so)

Broken bone = frattura (frat-oou-ra)

Thief! = ladro!
Emergency Services
Firstly, its important to know that the emergency service phone numbers in Italy are different from the 911 used in the US and the 999 used in the UK.

To request help from the police or polizia in Italy, you can call either 112 for the Carabinieri (a militarized branch of the police that have overlapping roles with the 'state police' or *polizia di stato* - but which has a larger presence and will often be the only police force in rural areas) or 113 to reach the general emergency police help number, which will also be able to connect you to the fire brigade or ambulance (ambulanza).

To contact the 'fire brigade' or vigili del fuoco you can call 115, whilst dedicated medical services are reachable via 118.
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"aiutami" when talking to one other person
"aiutatemi!" when asking for help from 2 or more people, for example in a crowd

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