What Does Incubation Mean?


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The term incubation is usually used in context of birds. It refers to the growth of the embryo inside or within the egg. There is a constant or a steady temperature required for the development of the embryo or the chick for a specific time period. It is produced by the body heat in most of the species of birds by the offspring parent or the brooding parent.

In the various genes that incubate, they divide the work of either of the sexes differently. Mostly it is the female bird that does the work of incubation. In certain other species, the male and the female take the chance of incubating the embryo one by one.

Some species of birds start incubation along with the first egg. This causes the eggs to hatch at different times. Estimated egg-development period, post-hatch of a usual, avian living thing is six days for complete flight potential in males whereas it is twelve in females.

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