What Do The Words "Boca Raton" Mean?


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Boca Raton is the name of a city. This word is the shortened version of a Spanish term Boca de Ratone and means "mouth of the rat" when translated into English. This city is based in the state of Florida of United States. It is located in Palm Beach County and was incorporated as a city in the year 1925. This city has a population of 78069 as per the 2004 census.

It is a principal city in the South Florida metropolitan area. It was earlier known as Boca Ratones. It is named after the lake Boca Raton. It is a flourishing city with many businesses and industries set up in this place. IBM also had an office at Boca Raton until 1996. Steven L. Abrams is the mayor of this city and he is a non-partisan. The representative of this city Robert Wexler is a democrat.

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