What Do The Words 'Hai' And 'Nunu' Mean? I Think They Are Hindi Words.


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Hai is Japanese for yes.
It's apparently the pronunciation, but not spelling for an Icelandic equivalence of English hi. (According to one source I've seen which may not even be reliable.) While it sounds that way, it is not written this way, and Icelandic has no current culture-steal trend status, so this is likely not the source of the next...
Idiots in online communities with Japanese fans in the mix noticed Japanese hai and the Japanese ai sound are like the I in the English hi, and use "hai" as a 100% incorrect and unjustifiable greeting. They have no notice that this is utterly moronic, and this is actually trendy. If only a rare few did this, it would be a cute twist. But, with thousands to millions through the internet doing this it is just more annoying, retarded looking chat speak ready to be an excuse for why kids are getting illiterate. (Now adding non-English pronunciation! New and improved chat speak to further confuse kids about writing. Ooohh. Aaaawww. People are so stupid...)
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The only translation I know for 'Hai' is Japanese, and it means 'Yes.' As for Nunu, I'm really not sure... Sorry!

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