In What Circumstances Would We Use The Words "Other" And "Another"?


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The word "another" means "one other" and so can only be used with singular nouns. In other words, you can have another drink, job, girl/ boyfriend, apple, book ... in fact anything where you already have one or more, and want to add one. For example: "I've got two children and I'd like to have another." Or: "I'd better not have another cake -I've had a lot already." It can also mean that something is different: "Having a joke is one thing, playing cruel tricks on people is quite another."

"Other" is more used because it doesn't specify a number, and basically just means "additional" or "different." For example: "They have two other children as well as Bobby" or "Would you like any other service?"

It is also used when something is definite, ie "THE other" ("One hand washes the other: we only have two hands, so you would speak of one and THE other, not one and ANother in this case.)
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I understand but my doubt is for example when you say the other, the difference is the article "the" because other is for plural things is that correct?

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