What Are The Other Words For The Devil?


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Other names for the Devil include ...  Satan  Lucifer .. Beezlebub.
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Evil when personified is termed as the devil. The devil is stated in many religions as the ruler of Hell and the enemy of God. There are many names which can be associated with a devil viz., a demon, a prankster, a vile creature, a monster, beast, an ogre, a vampire, an archfiend, fiend, ghoul etc. The Bible calls the devil as Satan, Lucifer or Beelzebub.

He is known to be very beautiful on the outward, arresting enough to tempt mortals into committing sins against God. The number 666 is infamous as the number of the devil. Judaism ridicules Satan as an accuser of Job. The Quran calls the devil as Iblis. In Hinduism, there is no one single devil, in fact there are manifestations of the evil one. The Buddhists believe the Buddha's opponent and enticer Mara to be a form of devil.
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Satan, Hades
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Satan, lucifer, 666
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There is no God, there is no Devil, ignore what the religious nutters tell you.
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And you my friend are a lost and confused soul! I will pray for your Salvation because you are going to meet Satan face to face with that attitude.

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