What Words Shouldn't You Capitalize In A Title?


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There is some disagreement about this. You should definitely capitalise all the words except the subsidiary words, that is the non-content words. All nouns, full verbs, adverbs and adjectives should be capitalised.

The disagreement lies in what constitutes a non-content word. You definitely shouldn't capitalise articles ("the" "a") unless an article is the first word in a title (we refer to The Times, for instance.) I was also taught that you shouldn't capitalise prepositions either (on, in under etc) or pronouns (he, him etc) - apart from I, of course. You can find this rule in some punctuation manuals even now, but if you look at what people actually do, there is a tendency to capitalise more than before. So a typical title might be:

Gone With the Wind; He Knew He Was Right

Whereas formerly it might have been:

Gone with the Wind; He Knew he was Right.

So in modern English, you are probably safe if you capitalise most words apart from articles.
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Unfortunately, none of this matters on blurtit because words get automatically capitalized and decapitalized when you post something.

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