What Does The Word Conserve Mean?


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The word conserve is defined as for the purposes of the Conservancy, an area which has been earmarked for the purpose of conservation is deemed to be conserved or functional only when the score of its biodiversity health has achieved a rank of either good or very good, and when its threat status has achieved a rank of either low or medium.

To conserve the environment is a verb which is defined as to protect the environment from waste or destruction. To conserve also means to stay the same or to stay constant. When something is said to be conserved, it means that the amount of it has either stayed the same or, in other words, has observed conservation. The verb to conserve (something) basically means to prevent it from harm or from getting damaged. It means to keep it is a safe or sound state. It refers mainly to the environment, including the seas, the reefs, the offshore islands, the national parks and the animal and plant life that resides in these national parks.
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To conserve means to save something, like to conserve birds - Audubon Society helps to SAVE birds.
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The word conservation means preservation through efficient and
  careful use of resources. One simple thing we can do is to conserve water.
  Clean and fresh water availability has decreased dangerously in many parts of
  the world. That's the reason places like South California are heading towards
  mandatory conservation of water. We all can make a conscious effort to reduce
  and minimize our water usage. Check out this site to read tips on water conservation.
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It means plop

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