What Does Plunge Mean?


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Plunge means to throw with great force into a particular object or even a place. An example would be Plunge the lobsters, head first, into a large pot of rapidly boiling salted water"- Craig Claiborne. It is derived from the Middle English word 'plungen,' and also from the Old French word 'plongier.'

Richmond Municipal Natatorium is also called Plunge. It is a very well known momentous swim centre. It is located in the Point Richmond Historical District. But this centre has been closed since 2001 August. This plunge was created on a bond in 1926 but however over the years it was declared unsafe and even the centre themselves put a board that said "Swim at your own risk".
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Plunge has several alternate meanings. It may mean to suddenly immerse, throw or thrust into water or a water body, like for instance 'He plunged into the ice cold stream to cool off'. It may also mean to dive or drop sharply like for example 'The stock market abruptly plunged without prior warning'. In slang it means to violently dash against with great speed and intensity like for instance 'He plunged at it with much eagerness'. The common phrase 'to take a plunge' means to enter in to a somewhat risky venture without regardless of the consequences.

The Plunge is also the other name of the Richmond Municipal Natatorium. It was a swimming centre in Richmond California. Owing to the fact that it was declared seismically unsound it has been closed from August 2001. Although it marked for demolition residents of the area protested and have embarked on a fund raising campaign to save this historic centre.

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