I Can't Think Of The Word- Please Help!


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karin bernal answered
How about "exploding" or "thunder"
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well, it starts out like this: "Crash! The pins scatter- all ten of ...." i need a word to replace"crash".
karin bernal
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How about Bang
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The way you want to use the word makes it a little difficult. There's crunch, bang, or crack. I hope this helps.
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Do you feel anyone of these words suits it..

Thump, smash, concussion, bang into, disintegrate
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Help? I can't think of the word where someone who is better at something than you, is complimenting you on your work or something, when they know theirs is far better, they're * you ? Help please :|
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Henry Hudson might say "the thunder of pins crashing"
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Robyn Rothman
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Don't you mean Washington Irving? "Rip Van Winkle"
John Nawrocki
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nah - all good-old-rip did is sleep, washington irving too!- Henry and his Crew drank and played nine pins till all hours of the night. You can almost hear the thunder of pins crashing. Diedrich Knickerbocker.
John Nawrocki
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Sorry about Poor....I try
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mark salcido answered
I say that crack is a good way to start the story. Maybe " crack " and then the roar of the crowd as all ten pins scatter... Something like that what do you think?
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How about "thunderous crash'?  My husband is a big time bowler..its a sound I hear almost on a daily basis.
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Word that describes something that doesn't belong in its time period or when you apply standards of one time period onto another
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You could make up something onomatopoeiac like "splack". "Thunk" and "thwack" have probably been done too often.
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Abigail Smith answered
Blash.blash is a cross between blast and crash. I use it a lot describing car crashes. It took me 2 days 2 come up with it.

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