What Does My Name Michele Mean?


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The name Michele is French, more usually spelt Michelle. It has been quite a popular name in English-speaking countries since the 1960s, partly because of the Beatles song "Michelle."

Michelle and Michele are feminine forms of the name Michael (Michel in French) Michael is an English (and Germanic) version of a Biblical name meaning "One who is like God." The Archangel Michael features in the Bible, and is also regarded as a Christian saint.

There is another feminine form of Michael, Michaela (pronounced mick-AY-la or mick-EYE-la.) This is from Latin and is much les popular than Michelle.

Typical short forms of Michele are Chelle or, occasionally, Shell. Some also shorten it to Mitch.
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Well, My name is michelle and I don't know what the hell my name means.
I was thinking a more crayz type but what the hell should I care...
Anways, all I know that it's nothing horrible...or is it!!
Well, I guess I'll go look it up!!
Why didn't I think of that earlier!!

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