Where Did The Surname Bosworth Come From?


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Probably from the area around Bosworth Field near Market Bosworth in Leicestershire. This was the site of a very important battle in British history, which took place on the 4th of August 1485. It was during this battle that Henry Tudor killed the then king, Richard III and took the throne for himself, becoming Henry VII of England and so founding the Tudor Dynasty.

The place of Bosworth is named after an original inhabitant called Bosa, who owned an enclosure there in Medieval times. This gave rise to Market Bosworth. Another enclosure in the area, owned by Bar, gave rise to Husbands Bosworth.

The places gave rise to locative surnames as early as 1206 when the Curia Regis rolls of Northamptonshire, a neighbouring county, record the existence of early Bosworth variants in 1230. Henry Boseworth appears in the Warwickshire subsidy rolls in 1327.

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