What Is The Origin Of The Name Jason?


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This name derives from the Greek name Iason (stress on the second syllable) which itself probably comes from the Greek word iasthai "to heal." (In modern Greek the word for doctor is iatros.)

Jason is the hero of one of the oldest stories in Greek mythology, the story of the search for the Golden Fleece. Jason and his crew of Argonauts sailed to Colchis to capture the fabled Fleece, and got it with the help of Medea, a powerful enchantress. After living with Medea for several years, Jason abandoned her and their children; she killed the children in revenge. However, Jason himself survived her wrath and was only killed in old age by being hit on the head by a timber from his own ship.

There is a Christian Jason mentioned in the Bible, and at various times the name has been popular with Christians. In the 20th century it was revived again; at present it is rather out of fashion. Famous Jasons include the Australian actor Jason Donovan.

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