Where Does The Surname Campbell Come From? And What Does It Mean?


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Campbell (usually pronounced KAMBEL) is an old Scottish surname. The Campbells were, and are, one of the largest and most prominent of the great Scottish clans, or extended families. The head of the Campbell clan is the Duke of Argyll.

It is thought that the name is based on the Scottish Gaelic words Cam Beul, meaning "crooked mouth." The clan was probably founded by an ancestor who had an oddly shaped mouth (or, possibly, spoke dishonestly,) was given this name as a nickname and it gradually developed into Campbell.

Famous Campbells in history (apart from the fighting Campbell clan in Scotland) include Alexander Campbell, founder of an American religious sect called the Cambellites, in the early 19th century.

Because of the great popularity of Celtic names and culture from the 20th century onwards, Campbell is now quite often given to boys as a first name too.
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The surname Campbell famously originates in Scotland, where it is one of the traditional clan names.

The word Campbell means crooked or wry mouth and it is thought to describe a man whose mouth inclined a little on one side. It comes from the Gaelic "cam" meaning crooked or distorted and " beul" for mouth. Experts in the origins of surnames would say this is a surname that was originally a nickname. One man with some sort of obviously crooked mouth, who was well known in his local community, became known as Campbell and his name stuck. His children were then also known by this name and it was passed on

According to Scottish legend, Gillespie O Duibhne was the first person to have borne the name, and he founded clan Campbell at the beginning of the 13th century. Whether he actually had a crooked mouth or not is lost in the mists of time.
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Campbell is a Scottish Lowlander name. There was a period of time when the Campbells chose to side with the English against other Scots ( I don't recall the century). The Scots have very long memories, and to this day, there are many Scots who dislike the Campbell name. But they are, indeed, Scottish, and have a Scottish tartan and a few Scottish songs with their names in the verses.

There have been various points in history when the Irish immigrated to Scotland because of droughts, or persecution, and other times when the Scots went to Ireland for the same reasons. Therefore, there are many names that you will find in both countries. But with a little research you will find that whatever the name, it originated in one country or the other.
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Campbell ( Campo & Bello) originates from latin meaning beautiful valley.
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I believe that Campbell may be Irish, although I'm not entirely sure. Hope this helps.=-)
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It's actually very much Scottish, and yes I'm the actually only Campbell who isn't asking questions or saying its a great name. I've done research and there's way too much for Scottish that it can't be. There are some in Ireland, but Scottish is most likely.

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