What Does Recursion Mean?


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Following on the answer provided above, recursion is a concept that is used over and over again in computer programming, because it generally provides the simplest and most elegant function to programming problems. It usually comprises of a recursive function, and a terminating condition.
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The term recursion is generally associated with mathematics. The word has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word recursus. Later, it was adapted by Late Latin as recursiōn which means running back. Recursion is an expression in mathematics in which each term is found out by applying a formula to the previous term. In such expression, one term is always related to the preceding one.

Thus, it is he formula that gives rise to such terms is also called recursion. For example: the natural number set. Suppose 'n' stands for a natural number, then n + 1 is the formula to obtain the next natural number. Thus, n + 1 is called recursion. This is recursion applied to sets but there is also functional recursion. It means that the function is partly established in terms of itself.

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