What Does Phono Mean?


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The word phono refers to phono connectors. The term phono connectors is defined as the most common type of connections. These connections are used between turntables, compact disc (abbreviated as CD) players, tuners, mixers and amplifiers to link various stereo audio products together. These are the sockets at the back of all CD players. They are red and white in colour. A single socket, which is yellow in colour, is also used for the main video output on a CDG player or a DVD (digital video disc) player. This takes the signal to a television video output.

A phono connector is also known as an RCA jack or a CINCH/AV connector. It is defined as that type of electrical connector which is commonly used in the audio/video market. The name RCA is an acronym. It is derived from the Radio Corporation of America. The word phono is also an abbreviation for phonograph. It is used on the buttons and jacks of stereo amplifiers and mixers used by disc jockeys (abbreviated as DJ).

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