How Can I Pronounce The Symbol "@" In English?


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Will Martin answered
If you are giving an email address on the phone, for instance, most people just say, very clearly, "at." Someone who is used to exchanging email addresses will have no problem with this, but if you think there will be any confusion, you can also explain, "I mean the letter 'a' with a circle round it." Pause briefly before and after the word "at" so it's clear this is a separate word.

By the way, in Russian this symbol is called a "dog." It may have different names in other languages too, so take extra care when exchanging email addresses with non-native English speakers.
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If you are using the symbol in any computer related issue such as email, web server denotion etc., then you can pronounce it as 'at' or 'at the rate' or 'at the rate of'. Different people uses different kinds of above cited words. But coming to civil issues when some persons have more than one name (what ever the purpose may be either +ve or-ve) then the same symbol is pronounced as 'alias'.

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