How To Say Paradise In Hawaiian?


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The Hawaiian alphabet is made up of five vowels a and e, i, o and u; and seven consonants, namely h, k, l and m, n, as well as p and w. In this language, a consonant will always be followed directly by a vowel, so all Hawaiian words consequently end with a vowel. Many Hawaiian words and names are much easier to pronounce if they are broken up into chunks of single syllables.
A symbol placed directly over any vowel, known as a 'kahako', indicates that the sound of the vowel is elongated. A symbol similar to an apostrophe, the 'okina', denotes a short pause within the word. The word 'a'a', for instance, would therefore be pronounced as 'ah - ah'. By the way, due to not having a Hawaiian font, it is not possible here to show the 'kahako' or the 'okina' correctly.

As to the question regarding the Hawaiian word for paradise, unfortunately, it has not been possible to find this word, although it should no doubt be possible to do so with a little more extensive research. In the meantime, here is a short list of possible alternatives, found among a list of possible words and phrases attached to the same site as the above information, a web site called 'Aloha Friends Luau'.

Here are the possible alternatives discovered by combining various words as shown on the above site:

  • Heavenly place is 'lani kauwahi'
  • Heavenly land translates as 'lani 'aina'
  • Heavenly Island can be translated as 'lani moku'
Should this be wrong, it can only be hoped that all Hawaiians will forgive this error made by someone who has never been anywhere near Hawaii and was unable to find additional, more relevant information anywhere, even after several hours of painstaking research.

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