What Is The Chinese Symbol For New Beginning?


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The Chinese symbol for new beginnings can be written as ____. For larger and clearer characters use the following link to a website giving information about Chinese characters:
While the above symbols tell you how to write new beginnings in Chinese, unless you are extremely fluent, you may not know how to pronounce it. The pronunciation of ____ is 'xin de kai shi'.
Chinese characters, also known as Han characters, are logograms used in Chinese writing. All Chinese writing characters are contained in the Kangxi dictionary and it contains approximately 47,035 individual characters. This is why Chinese is considered to be an extremely difficult language to master.

Chinese characters are monosyllabic meaning that each one usually corresponds to a spoken symbol with a basic meaning. However, although Chinese words may be formed through symbols with basic meanings, the majority of words in Mandarin Chinese two or more character (they are polysyllabic).

Pictograms only make up a small portion of the Chinese alphabet. Although the characters in this section have been derived from pictures, they have been adapted and simplified to make them easier to write and understand. There is no exact number of how many characters fall into this category, but it is estimated that they make up around 4% of the language.

Ideograms, also called simple ideographs are characters that either modify existing pictures or are direct illustrations.

For any translations of Chinese characters, use the link above to send you to the website that shows you Chinese characters then use the search option to try and find the phrase you are looking to translate. If this doesn't work, you can always try a Google translate and select English to Chinese and type your search in there. This also has an option of saying the translation out loud for you.
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you can say '新的开始' as a new begnning in chinese
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What a am I. I was just researching for a symbol for "New Beginning" if there is one :). I do not want to spell out the words "New beginning". I was searching for more of an individual symbol that would represent that expression. Have you had any luck?
Thanks and have an awesome day!

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