What Does Scold Mean?


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Scold is when you get vary angry
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The word to scold is a verb which means to censure severely or angrily. A colloquial expression which means the same as the verb to scold is to call on the carpet. Other words which are similar in meaning to the verb to scold is to tell of, to reprimand, to tick off, to yell at, to reproach, to rebuke, to admonish and to discipline.

To scold also means to grouch. It is defined as to show one's unhappiness or critical attitude. It also means someone, especially a woman, who constantly nags or annoys people by finding fault with them.

In the common law of England in the olden days, a common scold is a defined as a species of people who were a public nuisance. Most common scolds were troublesome and angry women who disrupt the public peace by habitually nagging, arguing or quarrelling with their neighbours. The Latin name for the offender was communis rixatrix. It was a phrase which appears in the feminine gender, which makes it evident that only women committed this crime.

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