What Does Does Accusatory Mean?


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Accusatory is an adjective form of the word accusation. Accusatory denotes containing, pertaining to, implying or expressing an accusation; such as an 'accusatory tone'. Synonyms for accusatory include accusative, accusing and accusive.

Related terms include inculpative and inculpatory, meaning to 'cause blame to be imputed to'.
Accusation is a noun that means the act of accusing. It could also refer to the state of being accused. It often refers to a charge of wrongdoing made against someone or some other party. It could mean an assertion which states that a person is guilty of some fault or offence. The term is frequently used in law, meaning the act of or charging with a crime or lighter offence; accusing. It could refer to that of which a person is accused; or the charge of a particular offence or crime. It could also be the declaration which contains the charge.
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Accusatory, the adjective form of the word accusation, first used in the fourteenth century, means containing or expression accusation. For example, an accusatory look.
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In a layman's jargon, the word "accusatory" denotes word uttered or gestures leading to a belief that a person is guilty of something, as the case may be.

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