What Does Effervescent Mean?


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The word effervescent is an adjective and it is generally used in two ways. It can be used to refer to an emotion of joyfulness, a kind of high spiritedness. The primary use however is in relation to water and wine which gives out bubbles through the process of the disengagement of the gas contained within it. This gas released is mostly carbon dioxide and the liquid is either artificially or naturally charged with carbon dioxide. Synonyms of effervescent are bubbling, sparkling, scintillating and sparkly. The word can be defined as foaming, fizzing, vivacious and enthusiastic and its antonyms are stale, flat, inactive, dull, and unenthusiastic.

The word effervescence refers to the escape of gas from some aqueous solution. It is in simple terms a result of a chemical reaction that occurs within the liquid and this results in the production and release of a gas.

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