What Is Meant By "Ginning"?


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The term "Ginning" refers to the process where a cotton gin machine is used to separate cotton fibres from the seedpods and the sometimes sticky seeds. First of all, the cotton goes through dryers to reduce the moisture and then through cleaning equipment to remove foreign matter. These processes improve fibre quality before the cotton subjected to revolving circular saws that pull it through closely spaced ribs to prevent the seed from passing through.

The lint is then removed from the teeth of the saw by air blasts or rotating brushes and then it is compressed into bales and moved to a warehouse for storage.

This process typically produces around 12 bales an hour although some modern machines are capable of as many as 60 bales an hour.
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Generally cot balls are pricked by hand.the fibres are seperated from seeds by combing in the mills this process is called ginning of cotton
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The process of separating fibers from seeds of cotton plants by combing is called ginning.

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