What Does SVGA Mean?


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SVGA is an abbreviation of Super Video Graphics Array. It could also be written as Super VGA. This was developed by IBM (International Business Machine). Super Video Graphics Array functions as an extension to the IBM-defined standard, VGA. SVGA was released in 1987. SVGA incorporates various computer display standards. The term SVGA refers to specification of resolution. It defines the 800 × 600 pixel resolution.

Initially, SVGA defined 800 × 600 4-bit pixels. Later, it was developed to 1024 × 768 8-bit pixels. It was further improved in the following years. Today, it is said to have resolution of 2,000 x 1,620 pixels. It possesses 24- bit colour (or 16v million colours). It holds millions of colours and performs better than a XGA.

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