What Does Somers Mean?


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Somers is a fairly common surname. It is a variant of the surname Summers. It is an English, Irish and German surname and has entirely different meanings in all three.

In German it is derived from the Middle High German word 'summer' which means woven basket. It may also indicate a measure of grain. In this same language however it may also mean 'drum'.

In English, Somers is considered to be a variant of Summers, Sumner or Sumpter. However it is widely believed that Somers is derived from the word 'summer'. In this context therefore, Somers would be a nickname for someone with a cheerful, merry or sunny disposition.

In the Irish version, Somers is an Anglicization or rather a partial translation of the Gaelic word Ó Samhraidh which means 'descendant of Samhrad'. Therefore in this context Somers is a byname which means 'summer'. The Gaelic name also has Anglicized versions like O'Sawrie and O'Sawra.

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