How To Say Grandmother In Hindi?


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How to say grandmother in Hindi depends on whether she is the paternal grandmother, in other words she is the father's mother, or the maternal mother, meaning she is the mother's mother.

  • Paternal Grandmother
If the grandmother is the father's mother, then her grandchildren would use the term Dādī or Dadiji to call her grandmother in Hindi. Dādī is pronounced like the English word dad, with a short y, like in daddy, at the end. So the final sound should be like daady.

Dadiji is basically pronounced the same, with the ji at the end being pronounced like the gy in, say, effigy. In other words, dadiji should sound like daadigy.

  • Maternal Grandmother
To call their mother's mother grandma in Hindi, children will use the term Nānī or Naniji. Nānī is pronounced with a long a, and again with the English sound of the y at the end. Nānī should therefore sound like Naany.

Naniji again has the sound of the gy added to the pronunciation of Nānī. Consequently, Naniji sounds like Naanygy, or Naanigy.
  • Saying I Love You
I love you grandmother, which almost implies a level of formality, the following phrase is used: Maiṁ āpa dādī pyāra karatā hūm. This is roughly pronounced as: May ap daady piar kartaa hoom.

The much less formal sounding I love you grandma uses this phrase: Maiṁ tumhēṁ dādī pyāra. This roughly sounds like: Ma tummhim daady piar.

Please note that we are using the term roughly to describe the pronunciation of these phrases, because this is how the sounds were perceived when listening to the translations on Google Translate.

Unfortunately, we are not fluent in Hindi and are relying merely on our personal perception of the sounds to describe them. To get the pronunciation right, we therefore suggest listening closely to them.
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We have Two different words for Two Grandmothers .....
1. If your Grandmother is your Father's mother .... Than in Hindi you will call her as .." Dadi " or " Dadiji "
2. If your Grandmother is your Mother's mother ..... Than in Hindi you will call her as .... " Nani " or " Naniji "

Same for Grandfather too ..... " Dada Or Dadaji " and " Nana Or Nanaji "

With best wishes from Madhavi.

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