How Do I Say Grandmother In Other Languages?


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Saying grandmother in other languages can be relatively easy to work out as the word is actually made up from two different words. These are the word grand and the word mother. This amalgamation of words shows that the grandmother is the mother of either of the child's parents.

In most of the languages, I have found the translation for, the word is a mix of the two different words.

Here are some translations for the word grandmother;

  • Spanish - Abuela
  • German - GroBmutter
  • French - Grand-mere
  • Greek - Ylayla (pronounced giagia)
  • Italian - Nonna
  • Dutch - Grootmoeder
These translations, especially the German, French and the Dutch are translated in the same way as the word is made up in English and can be broken down into the words 'grand' and 'mother'.

German, French and Dutch do have very similar words to what is used in English. These words will usually be made up in the same way as the word is in English so if it is two words together or adding something onto an existing word to make it plural. There are many similarities between these.

The similarities in the languages do help when learning how to speak other languages if your first language is English. This is why there are so many people with English as their first language that have their second language as German or French, there are so many similarities in the words and the structure of the grammar that they are said to be easy to adapt to and adopt as a second language.

Spanish is also a great language to learn as it is used so widely across the globe. There are so many different countries that speak Spanish that it is useful to be able to speak and read some of it. There are many similarities to the English language.
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In Spanish grandmother is abuela (ah-bway-la). In French, Grandmere. In English, there are quite a few endearments or colloquial ways to say Grandmother: Gramma, Nana, Memaw, Big Mama.
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In German, the term for Grandma is Oma (oh-mah). Grandpa is "Opa".
The more formal terms are Grossmutter (grandmother) and Grossvater (grandfather)
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In french its grand-mère (GRAND-mm-AIR)
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English- Nana
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In Lithuanian language it's "senelė"  or  "močiutė"  ( 'č' is pronounced like 'ch', like in the  word 'chain')

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