What Does Tandem Mean?


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The word tandem is used in the sports of parachuting and skydiving. A tandem is defined as a parachute jump in which two skydivers, usually an instructor and a student, share one system of parachute. The student is in a separate harness. It is attached to the front of the harness of the instructor.

The word tandem is an arrangement of two or more persons or objects one behind another. It is also defined as a type of bicycle which is built for two persons. A tandem bicycle is defined as a bicycle which has two seats and two pedals. The word tandem also means one behind the other. When a group of similar units work in tandem, it is arranged one behind the other and the units work together. In other words, they co-operate with each other. It is also a canoe or a kayak which is built for two persons.

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