What Does Stile Mean?


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The word stile is a noun. It is defined as an upright that is a part of the frame of a door or a window. The word stile is also defined as a set of steps for crossing over a fence or a wall. Stiles are generally found in rural areas and allow people to leave and enter fields. Animals, however, are not allowed to climb the stiles. Most stiles are made of wood.

In the United Kingdom, most stiles were built under compulsion from the law of the land. It is for this reason that a variety of designs of stiles exist. Some are apparently calculated to be very difficult to use. A museum of stiles displays some of the styles of stiles.

The word stile is also defined as the vertical side member of the sash of a window or the panel of a door. The vertical framing pieces of the frame of the cabinet face or the assembly of the door which support the rails are known as the stiles.

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